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Berkebun Buah Naga

Dragon fruit is said to be a native plant of South and Central America. There he referred to as “Pitahaya”. Dragon fruit is now cultivated in many tropical and sub​​-tropical in the whole world. Dragon fruit is commercially cultivated in Vietnam, Thailand, and southern China. Hawaii is also an ideal location for them to thrive . Some areas in Indonesia also began to grow .

Dragon fruit is a delicious fruit that is perceived and considered healthy. Dragon fruit juice was soft, sweet and fresh; are also rich in antioxidants and vitamins. The nutritional value which can be obtained from the dragon fruit is quite diverse and many. That said, dragon fruit to prevent colon cancer and diabetes, neutralize toxic substances such as heavy metals, lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure. Dragon fruit is also reported to control blood sugar levels, prevent bleeding and improve dental health. Dragon fruit is rich in calcium, vitamin C, and phosphorus, helping to develop strong bones and teeth, and healthy skin. Dragon fruit can be classified as a fruit that is suitable for health .

In 1997 , S.Y. Sin, a Chinese shinse shared a home-made beverages of dragon fruit in a temple in Kuala Lumpur. He admitted that the fermented beverage dragon fruit can be treated as a health drink. So, he began to develop an enzyme that is used to make “wine” of the dragon fruit. Enzymes help catalyze and regulate biochemical reactions in the body such as the daily functioning of the body cells, organs and tissues. Many illnesses allegedly caused by the lack of an active enzyme in the body. With simple packaging in dark bottles labeled Pitacacti Delight, a ” dragon fruit wine” began to be marketed .

Dragon fruit wine has been distributed to most of the states in Malaysia . Dragon fruit as raw material obtained from the local dragon fruit plantations throughout Malaysia. A 730ml bottle of dragon fruit drinks require 2.5kg of fresh dragon fruit, which is about 5-6 pieces. Like the colors used various dragon fruit, dragon fruit wine color is maroon. It took two months to ferment fruits to make dragon fruit enzyme drink using selected dragon fruit, fructose, and lemon. No need to have water added. A large stainless steel tanks food grade can produce up to 35 to 40 cases (or 420-480 bottles) dragon fruit each time.

Of special note, because the process of fermentation and enzyme used, dragon fruit drink has alcohol content of about 3.6 % , which will be able to create a sensation for the drink. However, due to the alcohol content exceeds 0.5 %, the dragon fruit wine at first unable to obtain halal certification. However, Islamic Food Research Centre in Kuala Lumpur later on December 24, 2007 stating that Muslims can consume this drink because the enzyme used for wine fermentation is not categorized as a wine because the alcohol in the dragon fruit drinks is the result of the natural fermentation process.



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