Market Outlook 2013 – Thoughts of a Professional Investor

Deric O. Cadora | Tue, Jan 15, 2013:  Coming out of 2012, a year which delivered an investment environment more difficult to navigate than any in at least the last five years, composing a forecast for the next year would seem to be a tenuous task. However, by recognizing the character of the action in 2012, expectations for 2013 clarify. Specifically, 2012 saw gold and oil working through massive consolidation periods, and since consolidation periods tend to separate trending periods, we can look forward to solid trends from these commodities once the patterns complete. Commodities in general also completed a corrective period which saw a major low form mid-year while equities extended an aging cyclical bull market.  SourceMarket Outlook 2013 – Thoughts of a Professional Investor.

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